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Topic: I can't take this stress today.

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    Senior Member Styxx's Avatar
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    West Seneca, NY

    I can't take this stress today.

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    Fist off I should tell you that this is a school for second and third degree juvenile offenders.
    The so-called students screaming obscenities in the classrooms, in the halls, inside and out! The rage, fits, fighting, ignorance, physical, Psychological, and rude disrespectful verbal abuse. No wonder I am all messed up and scwewy inside! Spring time it usually get worse but never this bad!
    Man, if these students didn't have the four letter word and other obscenities their sentences would be one word in length, "Yo" .
    I have to get out for a while today. Drain my brain and take it for a walk.
    Whew, man my nerves feels as if they were put through a shredder! And I don't even come in contact with them as much anymore! Go figure....
    Sorry, alone, I felt an irresistible need to vent. I come back I am going right to the demo section. Usually helps to at least mentally leave these surroundings.

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    Budleigh Salterton

    Re: I can't take this stress today.

    Get hold of one of them and kick the ~~~~ing sh!t out of him.

    That won't make you feel any better btw - but it's a lot of fun.

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    Re: I can't take this stress today.

    Maybe you all need a break. Why not treat your class to a screening of Battle Royale:


    Then tell them if they don't get it together they'll get to live it out.

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    Re: I can't take this stress today.

    Sounds like you need Morgan Freeman or Jim Belushi to pay them a visit.

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    Re: I can't take this stress today.

    Styxx my friend, perhaps it's time to consider alternate employment.

    Welcome to the world of..............

    Turkey Insemination!!!!

    Yes, for a modest but rewarding salary, you can experience all the delights of artificially impregnating this delightful bird! No more mundane work, no more stress!
    An outdoor activity, with fresh air, and exercise!

    Does your job get you down? Are there too many Roosters trying to get in the hen house and crow at the dawn sky, ruffling their feathers, and preening themselves to get looked at?

    Pack up your desk, throw the coat in the 4x4, and head off for the country side! Feel the green grass and fresh manure between your toes, and let your olfactory senses experience the delight of fresh air and turkey aroma in equal doses! No more screaming humans to jar at your sanity, just the soft warble and steady gobble, gobble, gobble, of your new vocation!

    And it's so easy, with no special training required!

    Simply catch that little thanksgiving rascal, put her between your legs, insert the plunger, and squeeeeezzzzzzee.


    For more details ring Wilson Gobbler, and

    Change your life!

    We pay by the prod!!!!!

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