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Topic: Job offer (Vienna area)

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    Exclamation Job offer (Vienna area)

    Hi there,

    My company is looking for a second composer/sound designer, at the moment on a half-time basis, but with the option for full-time employment. We are a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative gaming equipment. The requirements are the following:

    - Experience in sample-based music production, recording live instruments (occasionally), mixing, mastering
    - Ability to compose to picture
    - Main applications are Cubase SX and WaveLab
    - Willingness to produce music on demand in a large variety of styles
    - Willingness to work in a team with graphical artists and game designers
    - Professional attitude
    - Stylistic versatility
    - Our company is located near Vienna, and it is obligatory to produce all music in-house.

    If you are interested, please send your applications to owallner@novomatic.com. I will also need some audio demos in different styles (please do not include them as attachments, put them on a webspace and send me the links only).

    Thank you,
    Oliver Wallner

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    Re: Job offer (Vienna area)

    Cool - quite an opportunity for those who want a shot at this crazy business. Good luck with it - and congratulations to whoever gets the gig.

    And to those considering this - remember he who dares wins. These oppurtunities dont come up that often. Sure moving to Vienna may not be an option for everyone - but for the bachelors out there... Go for it

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