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Topic: Rejected film cue...for your enjoyment

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    Red face Rejected film cue...for your enjoyment

    Hi Everyone,

    Here's a film cue that I prepared (that was rejected) for a short film. It's the first time that I've ever worked from a script, and I'm happy overall with how it turned out. I just thought that I'd share. I hope that you enjoy. It's at the bottom of the list...called "The Suffering". The Vocal will be replaced with DIVA once I'm feeling up to getting everything up and running...


    Thanks for listening,

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    Re: Rejected film cue...for your enjoyment


    This was GREAT!

    I love the added vocals in it. And the driving undercurrent of strings gave it an uneasy quality. VERY NICE.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful cue - Sorry it didn't get picked. But I am sure that with each opportunity, things will get better and better for you.


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    Re: Rejected film cue...for your enjoyment

    Wow! Nice big and gutsy cue! Can you explain a bit of the context for the cue? I'd also love to know which libraries you used.

    I'm in the midst of working on a short film too, and am on version 3 of one cue, version 2 of another, and version 5 of yet another, so I feel your pain.

    Maybe we can get Chris to do a Composer Channel show called the Graveyard of Rejected Scores...

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    Re: Rejected film cue...for your enjoyment

    Thanks Jerry!! You're too kind! I do hope that you're right!!

    Hi jmc!
    Thanks!! The context is betrayal, pain and self realization...that's all I can say...I'm under no-disclosure...
    I had a week to do the cue, but lost 5 days due to oral surgery and complications etc...(and by being completely drugged out of my mind... ) so I had to work really fast. Time constraints (and brain fogginess...) dictated which libraries I used. Thanks for listening

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    Re: Rejected film cue...for your enjoyment

    Great work Steph!

    Sounded like a terrific Film score...Strong lead horns, with a nice driving percussion section!

    .. and the vocals blended perfectly.



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    This is to good for a short film. Way to good! You should be real proud it is awesome and quite strong in content! Thanks for sharing.
    I have to get me one of those …

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    Re: Rejected film cue...for your enjoyment

    Hi jsp2
    Thanks so much for listening!! I'm glad that it came across as being as strong as I intended!! Thanks for your kindness!!

    Hi Styxx!!
    Wow! Such wonderful compliments to brighten my day!! Thank you so much. It helps me feel better!! Maybe, this cue will grow into something larger, and for something bigger in scale - I can only hope!! I am quite proud of it given the circumstances I know that I CAN write from a script Thanks so much!

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    Re: Rejected film cue...for your enjoyment

    Steph, this is excellent!

    Got the "big speakers" on today -- fantastic, great cue... love those brass rips you do.


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    Re: Rejected film cue...for your enjoyment

    Great song!!!
    great rythm and very good orchestration!! (As usual for you)!

    I think they lose a very good piece, Stephanie!!

    Keep up the great work!

    Take care,

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    Thumbs up Re: Rejected film cue...for your enjoyment

    Steph, it's a very effective track. It shows your skills.

    Keep try...you will get it, I'm certain.

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