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Topic: Another first timer!

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    Another first timer!

    Hi there,

    I have been using GPO along with Sibelius for a few months now. I still feel I am finding my way, but hope you like one of my first efforts. I love the GPO flute sound by the way!

    I am starting to put my music up on sibelius music.com, so I hope the link to the mp3 works OK. If not, apologies, and maybe an experienced user can put me straight.

    Any comments most welcome!http://sibeliusmusic.com/mp3/8/3/6/83643.mp3

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    Re: Another first timer!

    The link worked just fine. You did a fine job. Only comment would be to put some spots for the flute to take a breath. Proper phrasing I think adds a lot to a midi rendition.


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    Re: Another first timer!

    This is a nice work! I agree with Jeff about the breathing - I'm very guilty of the very same thing. With time it will become more natural. Thanks for sharing and very good work. Keep it up - I'd like to hear more.

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    Re: Another first timer!

    Welcome aboard, gbuser!

    Good job on this, and a fine first showing, indeed.

    Come on back with more, soon!

    All my best,


    Always give wind players enough time to cuss you out
    for what you did to them in the last phrase before you
    start the next one.


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    Re: Another first timer!


    thank you for your work. I enjoyed it.

    GPO first timers rock!


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    Re: Another first timer!

    Thanks for all your support! I'm never posted onto a forum before so thanks for being gentle with me! I'm got a couple of other GPO pieces which I'll put up soon.

    Thanks for the comments regarding the breathing of the flute - very interesting. I'll have a look at this - is this be an instance of the GPO/computer giving such seamless transition from one phrase to another, that of course we dont get the realistic breathing gaps that would occur in a live performance. I'm thinking of a lovely live flute performance given by a user further down the forum.

    Anyway, thanks again - you've made me feel at home here.

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