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Topic: Anyone else think this would be cool?

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    Anyone else think this would be cool?

    I've been thinking about the angle of using real players for some time now and think it would really be cool especially with high speed internet now to have some kind of musician's collaboration community site...Something that was set up like message threads but song file threads where you upload an mp3 with a message of the type of instrument you'd like to hear added and then anyone who wanted to take a stab at it could and post their versions to that thread...Then if the original creator would like to use a certain part, they could IM the collaborator to send them the wav of that part to be added...It could be guitar,drums,sax,whatever....I just think this would be killer! I imagine there would have to be a membership fee though for all the bandwidth...They could give each member a 100 MB limit to manage song posts and a soundbox the collaborators could upload their requested wav file to and then you could download at anytime...When you get the parts you like, you can clear out the posting/soundbox to free up your space to make room for your next song posting....What do you guys think?

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    Re: Anyone else think this would be cool?

    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Anyone else think this would be cool?

    Quote Originally Posted by Houston Haynes
    WOW! that's a great link, thanks Houston. And obviously a great idea Moonmusic.

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