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Topic: Didgeridoo

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    A musical friend of mine just got a didgeridoo... I had never heard of the instrument before:


    My friend can't play like that, but I thought those were great samples.
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    Re: Didgeridoo

    Yeah, I have one hanging around here somewhere. Haven't even thought of it till I read this.
    Nice. Now tie me Kangaroo down sport, tie me kangaroo down.

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    Re: Didgeridoo

    Yep, they used one of these, with some digital modification for the horrific, and scary sound of the Martian war-machines in Speilberg's War of the Worlds.


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    Re: Didgeridoo

    I have five didgeridoos, all from Inlakesh in Santa Fe:


    Fun instrument! And especially good for someone like me who likes to waggle his tongue and flap his lips a lot!

    You can see a picture of me playing one of my didges at:


    We have a lot of didge players here in Tucson - it's really fun to hang out at the street fair at the Inlakesh booth and see who shows up!

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