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Topic: Toccata in C - Organ and 2 tpt

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    Toccata in C - Organ and 2 tpt

    I found the score to this on the 'net, complete with finale source files, so this was an EASY 'port (well sorta)


    This is Michel Rondeau's Toccata in C for 2 tpt and organ. I used GPO piccolo TPT NV and TPT 1 KS, organ is a free chamber organ from Christian Datzko made by Ott, played in MyOrgan (a new sample player - a mere $49).

    Because of the differences in latency for the organ and the GPO stuff, I had to record them separately, then re-assemble the files in a DAW. Reverb is via SIR using a custom Voxengo response created by a buddy of mine.


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    Re: Toccata in C - Organ and 2 tpt




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    Re: Toccata in C - Organ and 2 tpt

    Quote Originally Posted by etLux



    Now I need to go back in and add some controllers to make the tpt trills sound like lip trills...

    I was stunned at the realism, too!

    This was a simple test case for combining my organ samples with GPO - I wanted to see how easy it would be, and it turns out that it is quite the cinch... just requires a bit of mental gymnastic

    I'm hoping to do some more of this stuff shortly - I've got a choral piece that wants organ and orchestra, so mebbe that will be next.....

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