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Topic: Different instrumentation, same piece

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    Different instrumentation, same piece

    These pieces are the same composition, but with different samples in each case. It was originally composed with flute and oboe in mind, but the string duo version sounded interesting as well.

    Two Part Invention A

    Two Part Invention B

    Despite their being the same music sequence (nearly), they sound like they are from different eras.

    What do you think? I'd like to hear your comments.


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    Re: Different instrumentation, same piece

    Hi Marko,

    You're right. The instrumentation makes a huge difference in their feeling. However, both clearly demonstrate your angular, bold style. They are both from the Marko Era!

    Some phrases in the first half of the piece have more of a woodwind phrasing to my ears, and aren't quite as effective on strings. However, the second half sounded to my ears as more matched to strings. Some lines were a bit long for the woodwinds in the second half.

    Anyway, those are my initial reactions. As always, I really enjoy your use of rhythms and scales, whatever the instrumentation.


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    Re: Different instrumentation, same piece

    Good observations Jon.

    The woodwind piece strikes me as baroque sounding, but this may be due to the grace notes I used. (Perhaps too much ornamentation.)

    I think I favor the string version too, even though the initial sequence was done with woodwind samples.


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    Re: Different instrumentation, same piece

    Yes, the woodwinds sound a bit baroque, and I found the string version to have almost an early 20th century/late 19th century sound. Aside, of course, from the stylistic cues from the Marko Era.


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