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Topic: Brass Quintet by Joaz

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    Brass Quintet by Joaz

    In an unguarded moment, I promised I would do a piece for Snorlax's Brass Quintet. 2 Tpts, Euphonium, (replacing the customary French Horn) Trombone and Tuba.
    This piece was written on 3 different continents in the space of 5 weeks.(Usa, Morocco, and the UK).
    The 2 major influences on this piece however, are the great Renaissance/Baroque Brass pieces (Gabrielli etc), and the Northern England Brass Band tradition.

    This is a somewhat quick and dirty rendition, it was written in Sibelius and then briefly tweaked in Cubase.
    I will do a more detailed rendition when the Piece is complete. (2 more movements to go)

    All GPO except the euphonium part which uses the JABB tuba with a small eq cut.

    I sure hope the players in Snorlax's group have big lungs, because there are not many places to snatch a breath.

    Brass Quintet.mp3

    regards Joe

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    Re: Brass Quintet by Joaz

    Bravo Joaz!

    6 minutes and 34 seconds of sheer delight!

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    Re: Brass Quintet by Joaz

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan
    6 minutes and 34 seconds of sheer delight!

    Thank you Gary, it is funny to think, this piece only exists because of GPO, and this great community.
    Collaboration, through the forum, is a great untapped resource.

    regards Joe

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    Re: Brass Quintet by Joaz


    This is a very substantial movement - clear ideas, well worked out, with a great sense of flow and momentum. Reminiscent of Walton, only better! By that I mean the harmonic language; too often his wit feels forced. Here, the wit seems natural and organic. It sounds like it would be a treat to play - but then I'm a guitarist, and I don't have to worry about how to breathe .

    Bravo! Can't wait to hear the rest of the movements.

    All the best,


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    Re: Brass Quintet by Joaz

    Quote Originally Posted by rpearl
    Reminiscent of Walton,
    Thank you Ron.

    I am a huge Walton fan, and I think you can hear the Northern brass thing in his big Pieces. He was the composer who showed me the way to integrate Jazz harmonies/rhythms with classical forms, so there is a special place in my heart reserved for the Oldham Lad.

    It is another one of those pieces that seemed to write itself.
    That insistent muted Tpt figure, for instance. I honestly dont have a clue where that came from. It just inserted itself into the piece, and then I had some fun playing with it.

    I tell ya, its a funny business, this composing malarkey.

    regards Joe

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    Re: Brass Quintet by Joaz

    Great job on this, Joe!

    I could definitely hear the influences of the English sound as well as the Gabrieli...

    I was introduced to the joys of brass ensemble music by my college Theory prof, who had played trumpet in many a band/ensemble/symphony in her day. I'd put this piece up there with some of the great ensmble literature I've heard over the years (especially if the succeeding movements are as successful as the first!)

    Being an old french horn player, I'm partial to it, and miss that sound in this piece (sorry snorlax) but the piece still works marvelously, even though absent one of it's vital members

    I await the next movements with a modicum of impatience

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    Re: Brass Quintet by Joaz

    Stunningly "good write" on this, Joe!

    Excellent management of the ensemble, and compositionally solid as a rock.

    There may be some cap-doffing to Walton and Gabrielli in this as you and others have said; but what I hear most clearly is genuine Cavanagh -- the deeper thought and considered reflection, the momentum of development and elaboration of intellectual tangents; all tempered by contrasts of gentle but pointed and somewhat melancholy witticisms, those muted trumpet figures, that stand off to the side periodically commenting on the depthy play of the rest of the piece.

    I am -- needless to say, perhaps -- *greatly* looking forward to the remaining two movements.

    In a word?


    With much admiration,


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    Re: Brass Quintet by Joaz

    Joe -

    Never heard of Walton. Never heard of Gabrielli. I bet they're fine composers. Maybe someday I'll have the opportunity to hear their music.

    But this composition by you. . .

    Well worth the listen.

    As other people have already said, this piece is well written and well developed. More importantly, though, it really moved me. It touched me in a warm and sentimental way. I love this style of composition. It is obvious that you have mastered writing this style of music. So, again, I find myself admiring your talent. And, again, I find myself enriched by such lovely, well-written music.

    Thank you!!!

    I look forward to hearing the other movements when you're ready to share them!!


    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Brass Quintet by Joaz

    Joe, you're the real deal.

    I love listening to your work. It's pure unadulterated musical pleasure.

    Much respect and admiration.


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    Re: Brass Quintet by Joaz

    Quote Originally Posted by giwro_jon
    Being an old french horn player, I'm partial to it, and miss that sound in this piece (sorry snorlax) but the piece still works marvelously, even though absent one of it's vital members
    Thanks Jon for your kind words, I too love the sound of french horn in brass quintets, but was very intrigued by the idea of a euphonium. Somewhat like a bonsai tuba, able to play deep bass notes, or sing in the higher registers.

    The problem with my rendition is I dont have a euphonium sample set, but who knows maybe the legendary GPOA may help out.

    regards Joe

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