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Topic: My recent projects using various sample libraries

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    My recent projects using various sample libraries

    Hello everyone at Northern Sounds.

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the advise, answers and friendly banter I have encountered here.

    I have also heard many people's wonderful instrumentals and compositions.

    I felt it was time to share a few of my own. Now, I am not a traditional composer nor do I specialize in any one area. You will notice that I do not write your standard classical or orchestral scores.

    Most of my music is written for multimedia projects, TV commercials, games and various corporate clients. Pretty much any work I can get at any time - since composing original works is my passion and my dream. One day I will be able to do nothing else and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Until then, I will make new friends and contacts and try not to screw up too badly (lol).

    The genres range from Techno / Trance / Industrial / Gothic to New Age Instrumentals with an Orchestral flair. I try to mix and match instruments quite a bit to see how they sound together when normally not done so.

    Most of my compositions now use sample sets (and vsti instruments) from various companies found here at Northern Sounds and KVR, which is also why I want to share.

    These are just a few of my hundreds of original works - but I like sharing these the most. All my newest ones will be posted here regardless since I am officially software only! My poor Korg Karma has to be dusted every once in a while, but my Technics KN7000 al least gets use as my usb 2.0 midi master controller. Check back every once in a while to hear my latest works!


    Feedback is appreciated.

    Take care and thank you everyone for making this website such a pleasure.

    Lastly, thank you to the people who run Northern Sounds and put up with all of our crap. You moderators sure are kept busy!


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    Re: My recent projects using various sample libraries

    wow!... there's allot of work on your site!

    ....Listened through your entire demo... Very versatile!

    Although I'm not a listener of Electronica, I can certainly recognize talent when I hear it.
    You have a very broad range of styles. I can see why you're so prolific in your business.

    What struck me were your melodies... There's a commercialism to some of them, but they're well made and very memorable.

    terrific work!


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    Re: My recent projects using various sample libraries

    Slow speed connection here so i could not listen to a lot of your demos but i agree with Jeff here, very versatile and talented.

    It's really not my style of music so it's hard for me to judge but it sounds professional to me.

    Good work!

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    Re: My recent projects using various sample libraries

    Thank you both.

    I am going to upgrade my server, but most people on broadband connections seem to be able to listen to them.

    Thanks again.


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