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Topic: can some one help me the connections

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    can some one help me the connections

    Hi guys

    Recently i bought a mtpav so now i want to sync both my pc to do sequencing any idea how to do it through midi

    pc 1 (MASTER)

    coneected with
    sound card motu 828
    software nuendo 3

    pc2 (Slave)

    connected with
    sound card sound blaster live
    software nuendo 3

    any idea how to use both together with MTC or something else.
    so that other comp could work as a slave and share some vst load.


    if this works i could buy a high end pci card for my slave machine.

    Guys help
    thnks in advance

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    Re: can some one help me the connections

    Not sure if Nuendo has it, but Cubase has something called VSTLink, it ties 2 machines together with sample-accuracy. Just takes one digital audio connection between them. I do it with just a S/PDIF connection, and then I use the lightpipe connection on my 2nd machine to bring audio back to machine #1.

    If Cubase has it I'd guess that Nuendo does too. It's pretty cool, the 2nd machine locks right up perfectly to the 1st.

    Hope this helps.


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