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Topic: Using WAV loops in G3

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    Using WAV loops in G3

    I am using drum loops in G3 by dragging WAV files into a distributed wave instrument. When I press a key to trigger a loop, the loop plays in its entirety and then stops. How can I get the loops to repeat for as long as I hold down the corresponding key? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Using WAV loops in G3

    You'll need to create a gig file in the editor. I'm away from my GigaPC right now, but you would pretty much do this:

    1) Get the wave into the sample pool (lower left panel)
    2) Drag the wave onto a key in the main section. This creates a "region" that can span as many keys as you want.
    3) Save the gig, now that you have a region.
    4) Select the region, and using the properties panel (lower right) either set the unity note to the same note as the key, or turn off, um, pitch shifting, or sometning like that in the "layers" group of properties.
    5) Here's where it gets fuzzy. I can't recall if you double click the wave in the wave pool, or the region, or maybe in GS3 you just refer to the "sample" group in the properties panel, but you will eventually enable looping and set the loop points. It doesn't have to loop back to the start. For instance the loop could play a fill, then a ride, then loop on the ride.
    6) Double-click the instrument and give it a name.
    7) Re-save.

    Best of luck!


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