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Topic: Tuning (midi) in Giga 3

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    Tuning (midi) in Giga 3

    When I set my tunings in the Giga main window, my sequencer and DAW (another computer) resets everything to zero at bootup, even though I saved the Giga file with the tuning I want.

    Does anyone know which MIDI command is resetting Giga? If so, I can enter it into the tracks I want to have control over the tuning.


    Jerry Gerber

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    Re: Tuning (midi) in Giga 3

    I can only speak to SONAR 5 Producer.

    In the Piano Roll Window of the track you wish to tune:
    Upper left, just below the pointer/pencil/erasure, there are 2 blue rectangles. The lower one by default indicates Notes/Vel.
    Click once and choose New Value Type.

    In the dialog box under "Type" choose "RPN."
    Under "value" choose "Fine Tuning."
    Under "Channel" choose the desired channel.
    Click OK.

    Make certain the pencil tool is selected and the erasure deselected.
    Click in lower portion (controller pane) of Piano Roll window to set a new pitch. (If controller pane is not visible click icon at top of Piano Roll. In my view it is the 8th icon from the right.

    From here, for me, it's make a guess and click, listen, control z to undo, make a better guess, continue refining until it sounds right.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Tuning (midi) in Giga 3

    Here's a link that gives examples down at the byte level showing how to manipulate RPN tuning:


    Another possibility is to tell your daw not to clear controllers before sending midi data. Which could lead to other problems.


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