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Topic: A little cello, anyone?

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    Re: A little cello, anyone?

    That is truly cool. Never seen anything quite like that. This sort of puts sample libs in perspective to what a real player and an acoustic instrument can do. The only thing that is rediculous is the cat. We all know that the cat doesnt really have a halo. All cats are too evil for that. Seriously though. This Rocks!!!!

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    Re: A little cello, anyone?

    This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Congrats to Ethan if he see's this!! Wonderful work. Bravo!!!

    Eric is right, though about the cat. Now if it were a dog it would be an entireley different matter.

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    Re: A little cello, anyone?


    And I'm a cello freak!

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    Re: A little cello, anyone?

    Pretty cool, but that guy is a total doofus.

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