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Topic: NOV file

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    NOV file

    I noticed that K2 added a file with this extension into one of my sample folders. It has the same name as one of the samples. What is it for? Do I need it?
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    Re: NOV file

    Those get created when you load something in Time machine/tone machine. It's kontakt's way of caching the samples for the next use in those modes, to get faster loading times. But sometimes they come up out of nowhere as well.

    Try deleting them for yourself after backuping them.
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    Re: NOV file

    Actually my understanding is that they are "analysis files" created to help Kontakt be able to apply Tone/Time Machine granular synthesis to the samples. They are tiny in size and harmless; if you delete them, Kontakt will re-create them as it needs them. They can be safely ignored.

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    Re: NOV file

    For me they are a nuisance because they clutter up my folders. All you have to do is go into the loop editor to create them.

    I keep deleteing them to try keep my folders cleaner.

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