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Topic: Cell Phone - Game Audio & Music?

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    Cell Phone - Game Audio & Music?

    Hi there!

    Am about to begin a practical training, as part of my highschool studies, on a company which is working on a cell phone game. I'm supposed to do a couple of sfx and some music for there demo they intend to present later this year. (Nothing too fancy i hope! )

    Now, as far as audio/music making and mobile phones concerns I'm a complete newbie. I'm well orintated in all other music and studio related hard- and software (Cubse SX, ProTools, Logic, software synts, DSP:S etc etc) but unfortunatly NOT in association with cell phones! ! And it seems the company are a somewhat newbie on this as well - as they asked me to do some research on what "favourble software" I would like to use (?? ??).

    So, I'm wondering if some could tell me what software (or hardware) you normaly use when working on audio and music on cell phones (on projects like these). Particular formats? MIDI? mp3? Are there any software cell phone simulators? The lot! I would be most greatfull!

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    Re: Cell Phone - Game Audio & Music?

    Most phones can play .mid files - you'll just need to find out what the polyphony (how many notes can be played at once) of the phone is and whether or not your developer is using them. New phones can play several instruments at once, older ones tend to be only to play one instrument, one note at a time. Some times you'll need to do different versions of the same sound files to work on each phone..... Sonar or any other midi program can help you create these easily.

    For those who want to use digital audio files, I use this site to do whatever conversions I need depending on the phone ....


    Good luck!


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