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Topic: Rmx Chaos out of Time Fills

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    Rmx Chaos out of Time Fills

    Ok, maybe I am really close to insanity but when I apply even a very small amount of Chaos using the Pattern, and Repeat sliders the results are on the verge of unusable because the fills and breaks are out of time.

    I have just finished listening to playback for over a 1/2 hour and am convinced that some of the fills introduced by Chaos are in time while others are not creating a bad vibe to the track.

    I am all for not running straight loops but can't sacrifice the rhythmic aspect of composition.

    I am running Cubase Sx3 on 10.3.9. Should I have my buffer settings higher?

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    Re: Rmx Chaos out of Time Fills

    Upload an mp3 of what your doing and I can give you some pointers.

    It's possible that the groove your are using Chaos on is not sliced on rhythmic markers...this is true of MANY REX libraries and REX files.

    Most of the core library and the official SAGE Xpanders should work very well with Chaos...but it depends on the groove and the setting.

    More info and examples would be very helpful. :-)

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