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Topic: Global Tuning!?

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    Global Tuning!?

    o.k., I wrote the question or the "urgent wish" to Tascam, they auto-replied to "respond as soon as possible" a month ago. Well, well.

    Can this be that Gigastudio is the only sampler on earth without a possibility to adjust pitch reference of a4 to other than 440? Or did I miss something there? I'm afraid not.

    It is just a catastrophy if you plan to mix with life musicians, at least in Europe. They are used to a=443 - 445 Hz. Instruments are built this way. String players argue, but reluctantly tune down to 440 Hz, but in the case of brass and winds, you get serious trouble in the studio. A member of Munich Philharmonic Orch. just told me, American orchestras play higher, too. Can someone confirm that? Anyway, please can everybody who is concerned send this wish to Tascam please? Or Tascam do you maybe read this forum (instead of reading the support mails, sorry for having to say that)?

    Have a nice time everybody!

    Uli Reuter
    film composer, Germany

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    Re: Global Tuning!?

    It seems that you need to re-tune each lib - or set a fixed bend from the pitch wheel.

    You can get there from here, but it's certainly not ideal.

    Another situation might be where you just want to jam with a CD, but the CD is out of tune. It would make no sense to retune your instruments, and you might actually want to use the pitch wheel for something musical.

    A good request for GS4!


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    Re: Global Tuning!?

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    Yes a good request!

    P.S. Jon, i've posted a new thread, i hope you can help me.


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