Wasn't sure if this was the right place to post ads, but here goes.

I'm a Mac person who had a PC built to run Giga about two years ago. I had the guy who built it make sure it was Giga compatible (he was a Giga user and knew) and I told him I wanted it to be powerful, and in a rack case.

So...I have this thing in a big black rack case with a big power supply, and five drives in it and 2G memory. It's a P4 and because I'm so PC illiterate I have used SYSTEM INFO and printed it out for anyone who has questions about specifics that I wouldn't really know or understand. All I do is turn it on and open Giga, so I'm incredibly uninformed about the PC inner workings. One of the drives is a Raptor and the others are 120G Western Digitals as I recall.

I'm going all Mac now with Logic Audio and will not be using it so am selling it. I initially paid ...I believe...about 1700 for this beast and will take best offer. THE ONLY THING IS....it's heavy. It's in a BIG RACK case. So buyer will have to take care of shipping from Florida.

Please contact me at tom@aerovons.com if interested and make an offer. I am not interested in making a killing on this thing so it's a chance to get a great studio style PC for not a bunch.

Tom Hartman