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Topic: Finally Finished my first Recording! (Beethoven Symph#6Mv1)

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    Finally Finished my first Recording! (Beethoven Symph#6Mv1)

    Hello All,

    Well I'm excited. It's been 3 weeks since I got my first professional music library (EWQL GoldXP) and I've finally finished my first recording.

    I'm know it's been done before, but I recorded Beethoven Symphony No. 6 Movement 1 (Allegro Mon no Troppo). I wanted to start with a classic to get a good feel for changing articulations, mixing, etc (all of which I've never done before). It was quite a learning experience. I spent nearly 60 hours on it.

    I mostly did it as a learning tool for myself but what's the point of going to all that work, and then not sharing it!

    So, here's the link:

    I had to use putfile because the 192kb MP3 was too big for soundclick; but if you must, I have a 128kb there:

    The 128kb one is... well lower quality, obviously

    Hopefully everything will sound at least decent. Mixing it was quite a challenge. I noticed about halfway through that my pp, were... quiet. A little too quiet. Likewise my FF were a little loud. I tried to get the balance right during mixing so you wouldn't have to strain to hear and then be blown away. I'll let you all be the judge

    Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy.


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    All articulations are wonderful. They show your attention to details. The overal mix is still a little unbalanced.

    Anyway good work, bravo.

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    Re: Finally Finished my first Recording! (Beethoven Symph#6Mv1)

    Very nice. If this is your first attempt at midi orchestration, I'd say you will be very good at it. As Fabio said, your attention to detail is nice, and you bring some emotion to it.


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    Re: Finally Finished my first Recording! (Beethoven Symph#6Mv1)

    Great! This is one of my favorite symphonic movements, and its great to hear what EWQSLO Gold can do (I also own it, but have never attempted anything as ambitious as this.) I often listen to the 6th in my car while driving around. The parts seem to sound clearer and less muddled then my CD (forget what version, from some low cost box set I got from Sam's Club). A very good effort.


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    Re: Finally Finished my first Recording! (Beethoven Symph#6Mv1)

    Thanks for all the replies.

    Mastering is definitly my weakest area. I was able to balance between instrument sections (say the woodwinds/Fhorn) but everything would change when I added the strings, or vice versa. And then there were momments (especially some of the clarinet parts) where an instrument was loud until the final master, and it somewhat faded in the background.

    Something I didn't do but will next time is mastering the final mix. Once I had all the instruments/sections/etc mastered I just created a final mix. I think if I go through the final mix, I can create a better balance between the quiet and loud parts.

    I also ran into a problem with the Violins I and II when that had doubled parts. With the same patch playing the same note in 2 different tracks you get that awful synthy sound. But if I took out the Violins II section, the string section would sound thin and I couldn't fix it with just a volume boost. I need to write some simple string parts and experiment with this effect to find a good solution (and I'll take any suggestions).

    Thanks again for all the replies. It was a great learning experience and I can't wait to try another classic piece before I start recording my original works. (I'm thinking of trying a John Williams piece... not ET though, I'm thinking a collection from Hook but I haven't decided).

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    Re: Finally Finished my first Recording! (Beethoven Symph#6Mv1)

    Totally Great!

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