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Topic: Erbarm dich mein O Herre Gott

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    Erbarm dich mein O Herre Gott

    Hi all,
    here is my orchestration of Bach's choral for organ BWV 721, Erbarm dich mein' O herre Gott.
    Used strings and brass.


    Vancouver BC

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    Re: Erbarm dich mein O Herre Gott

    Welcome to the forum, Dubravko!

    Musically, this is an astute interpretation for brass and string orchestra of the organ chorale. Truly interesting! There's an almost Romantic richness and sweep to your vision of this piece -- which on the one hand surprised me; but on the other absolutely delighted me.

    May I suggest you work further with this in terms of achieving perhaps a better balance amongst the instruments, however, to more clearly bring out the fine musical thought behind the orchestration.

    My best,


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    Interesting work. Some sound still to improve, but the overal effect is enough to understand the nice choice in orchestration. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Re: Erbarm dich mein O Herre Gott

    David, Fabio ,
    thanks for your kind words.
    I am unfortunately "married" to Sibelius v. 3 and still struggle to make the score sound the right way.


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