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Topic: MusikMesse

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    just wanted to check who is going to be at Messe on Friday
    this year...


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    Re: MusikMesse

    Well if someone goes they should bring a camera - preferably in VSL's direction.

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    Re: MusikMesse

    I will probably be there on Saturday.

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    Re: MusikMesse

    Timo - bring a camera, be a hero

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    Re: MusikMesse

    What do you want to have photographed at VSL's?
    Perhaps I could arrange that...


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    Re: MusikMesse

    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias Erichsen
    What do you want to have photographed at VSL's?
    Perhaps I could arrange that...

    Well I was hoping for video from one of their presentations. However I dont really know what they are presenting at MM (I tried ask but no response). Therfore its hard for me to say what I would like to see. But if they present MIR I want to see it all Photos, videos soundbites anything.

    Also it would be cool to see a video of the next 5 of their collections, and hear them if they use them in their presentation.

    Again all this is speculative

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    on the end of the bow...

    Re: MusikMesse

    I'll be there at saturday too

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    Re: MusikMesse

    Announced at Musikmesse:


    HALion Symphonic Orchestra - Acoustic Orchestral Instruments

    HALion Symphonic Orchestra puts the awesome emotive power and sheer sonic majesty of a full symphonic orchestra under your total control. Evocative scores, exquisite arrangements, emotive accompaniments: HSO is the ideal, cost effective symphonic instrument for composition, production and pre-production in music, TV and film scoring and game sound.

    The luxuriously extensive content provided on three double layer DVDs spans over 1200 instruments recorded in the very highest fidelity using top-of-the-range equipment. Capturing every nuance and detail of a full palette and dynamic range of strings, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments, the massive 27GB library includes an almost inexhaustible range of articulations and expressive playing techniques. And because the vast HSO library is uniquely versatile, HALion Symphonic Orchestra sounds just as great in an RnB production as in a baroque chamber piece.

    Feature Highlights:
    • Complete symphonic orchestra with breathtakingly authentic strings, brass, woodwind and percussion
    • 1250 instrument patches and combis in 27GB of samples
    • Extraordinarily expressive with full dynamic range covering all common articulations of each instrument
    • Richly detailed and perfectly balanced sound with adjustable real recorded ambience
    • Extremely versatile for all styles from baroque to RnB and everything in between
    • Outstanding playability and instant access to all the most important parameters
    • Efficient use of system resources with state of the art HALion sampling technology
    • Cross platform (Mac/PC)
    • Supports VST, AU, DXi, ReWire as well as stand alone mode

    HALion Symphonic Orchestra will be available in Q2 2006.

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    Re: MusikMesse

    Who produced the Halion Library?


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    Re: MusikMesse

    27 gigs for $500! 24 bit and 16 bit...

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