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Topic: Request : Conductor trainning in Italy

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    Request : Conductor trainning in Italy


    A friend of mine is looking for a conductor trainning around Italy this summer (2006). She has her own string ensemble and already has many experience in the musical world but she wants more.

    Does anyone is looking for a student ? Any idea where she could find it ?

    Thanks guys ...

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    Re: Request : Conductor trainning in Italy

    There are a couple of conducting workshops I know of one focusing on film scoring conducting and the other for traditional symphonic conducting. Although not in Italy there are not too far.

    In Bulgaria, just a short plane ride east of Italy, Symphonic Workshops is the Studio Conductors Workshhop June 4 to 15, 2006.

    See: http://symphonicworkshops.com/studioconducting06.htm

    Studio Conducting, June 4 - 15, 2006, Bourgas, Bulgaria

    The programme’s aim is to introduce composers to the physical mechanism of conducting and the film composer’s responsibilities in his/her role as Conductor, acquainting participants with a comprehensive baton technique and providing the composer with the experience of conducting and recording his/her own film music compositions.

    Further north, in Ziln, Czech Republic is the
    International Workshop for Conductors with the Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic.

    See: http://symphonicworkshops.com/conductors/iwc06.htm

    16th Annual International Workshop for Conductors
    Zlin, Czech Republic, August 2 - 18, 2006

    The International Workshop for Conductors (IWC) focuses on the technical aspect of conducting and the relationship between the physical communication of hands and body, to the musical desires of the conductor and the practical needs of the orchestra.
    The interplay between three separate mental processes is the key to the ability to communicate with the orchestra at the highest level. Technique sessions will involve exercises for the body as well as the hands.Each work to be conducted will be previewed by the faculty with a complete technical and musical analysis. Some works in each group will also include sessions with piano sextet or an elftet. These smaller ensembles enable the participants to work out some of their worrisome issues before they face the full orchestra. After the participants have conducted the full orchestra each session is privately reviewed with faculty in order to set new goals for the next podium session.This system of preview, small ensemble, orchestra and review has been the standard by which the IWC has established its reputation. Each participant goes through a step-by-step process over a two-week period, progressing towards the larger works in the repertoire, works which represent the greatest risks and rewards.
    All participants are instructed on an individual basis, there is no competition and faculty teach each participant at his/her own level while endeavoring to take them to the next level and beyond.

    Hope this helps.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Request : Conductor trainning in Italy

    Thanks but nothing in Italy ?

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    Re: Request : Conductor trainning in Italy

    no idea ?

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    Re: Request : Conductor trainning in Italy

    Quote Originally Posted by SyQuEsT
    no idea ?

    yes...i'm from italy....this summar i will be at a school where there is a film music course with Luis Bacalov (Oscar winner for "The Postman").....there is also a conducting course ..a friend of mine will go there...both will last a month...go to www.chigiana.it ....it's at Siena..a city near Florence.....sorry for my english......

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    Re: Request : Conductor trainning in Italy

    Thanks my friend

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    Re: Request : Conductor trainning in Italy

    aLfR3dd : do you know if there're more conductor masterclasses, workshops or training in Italy ?


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    Re: Request : Conductor trainning in Italy

    Quote Originally Posted by SyQuEsT
    aLfR3dd : do you know if there're more conductor masterclasses, workshops or training in Italy ?


    hi....i'm not interested in conducting so i don't know if i can help but i know that the one in Siena is one of the most famous in Italy ... there is also here but i don't know nothing about this one http://www.accademiasanfelice.com/ ...and i think there isn't a lot more other than these 2.... bye

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