I have barely scratched the surface of my GS3. I have now purchased several thousand dollars worth of GS3 24bit, and some Akai libraries as well. I need someone who would be willing to do walk throughs via email; and such, or redirect me to some threads on live performance tips, as I have been unsucsessful in that endeavor. Money is of no object at this time, only time is my object. I'll be doing multiple gigs in May and my new gig will be using more of the Orchestral Libraries which I have currently added to my Raptor X HDDs. These HDDs have given me more space for samples, and it seems that the extra 16mb cache, w/ 10,0000rpm has increased my polyphony as well. I swapped out my 3.0GHz Northwood for a 3.4GHz EE Northwood, so my VST counts have really jumped up also. PM me if you are interested. Money orders or PayPal can be used for the tips, or a paid trip to Las Vegas for actual hands on programming if need be. I use this setup w/ 3 x Scope DSP cards, and it has not crashed once in the last 8 months of live performance. It's just that the application has much more to offer than I am using.

Thanks For Replys,

Jimmy V.