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Topic: OS and application HD (Jcschild )

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    OS and application HD (Jcschild )

    In a thread a while ago , you made mention of the H.D. used for the OS drive to be an IDE drive and not an SATA drive ....I am setting up a new computer and was wondering what your reasoning was behind an IDE drive for OS and applications ??????.....Will the applications run as good on an IDE drive as they would on an SATA drive ? ....Is it because it will take away the performance of the other SATA devices ??.....Please explain ....Thanks for your time ......Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: OS and application HD (Jcschild )


    using a Sata OS drive can give you numerous headaches
    many back up ulities dont like it (Ghost, acronis)

    lots of other issues not to mention just loading windows is a pain


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    Re: OS and application HD (Jcschild )

    Thanks for the info ....I appreciate it .....Sincerely, Jim

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