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Topic: Opinions on Best Wah for Clav and Rhodes

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    Opinions on Best Wah for Clav and Rhodes

    Just wondering which of the presently available wahs are best suited for vintage keys applications? Looks like Teese models are getting rave reviews but I would like to hear from some keyboarders if possible. Any thoughts?? Thanks.

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    Re: Opinions on Best Wah for Clav and Rhodes

    I have a Vox Clyde McCoy wah that I purchased with much enthusiasm and with good reviews. It really sucks the tone out of my guitar. A friend has a Fulltone which kicks a**. Very, well, full tone. The Teese, while I have not tried one, are generally regarded as the best. Most guitar pedal reviews I have checked out (and I have read a lot) don't recommend much other than the Teese, even though many guitarists swear by various other models - Dunlop, Vox, etc. I have not yet tried my pedal with my Scarbee VKC. I hope this helps a little.

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    Re: Opinions on Best Wah for Clav and Rhodes

    Thanks for the replies - that helps a lot. My original intent was to gig with a PC and Scarbee VKC/VFX. The VFX wah is OK, at least for someone like me who hasn't used that effect very much in the past. However, after checking it out more closely, I found I have too much stuff to pack around...a Hammond and Leslie, Roland RD700-SX, monitor, etc....then add in tearing down and setting up the computer rig every few days. In the end, I've opted (for now, at least) to gig with the onboard sounds from the Roland. They aren't great, but they can be tweaked...no pedal controlled wah though. Trade-offs of cost, convenience and sound make life "interesting".

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    Cool Re: Opinions on Best Wah for Clav and Rhodes

    Don't know if this helps you, but I traded in my hardware last year for DAW world w/ Pro3t. I now play GS3/Scope box. I can't tolerate auto-wah's, so I run an expression pedal through a filter on an auxillary send, so now my WEP,RSP,and D6 can have that fat filter wah at the touch of a button. DSP FX are very thick, and work well for that application.

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