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Topic: DKFH (virtual trigger to midi converter?)

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    DKFH (virtual trigger to midi converter?)

    Here's the situation, I have several MIDI tracks that I need to render to quality drum sounds. After looking around a bit and comparing, DFH is what I have picked to use as my library. But, aside from just rendering MIDI tracks, I'd like to also use this library via triggers. Sometimes I don't compose the drum/percussion track first, and it would be easier for me to play out the parts. Now, my interface that I'm using is MOTU's 896. Obviously there is no MIDI I/O on there. What it seems I would have to do is buy a trigger to MIDI converter, then a seperate MIDI interface, just to be able to use DFH as such.

    Now my question is: is there such thing as a virtual trigger to MIDI converter? In the sense that, I would be able to run numerous Piezos into my MOTU 896 via 1/4" ins, multitrack them as I play to my other tracks, then use this "virtual trigger to midi converter" (if one exists, I really hope so) to take those multitracked audio shots and put them into a MIDI file to bounce to a drum track via DFH?

    Again, I really hope so because it will save me a lot of money. I probably wont try at all if an application like that doesn't exist.

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    Re: DKFH (virtual trigger to midi converter?)

    Check out the freeware app KTDrumTrigger at www.koen.smartelectronix.com/KTDrumTrigger .

    There’s also the drum replacer app Drumagog ( www.drumagog.com ), but that might be overkill for what you want to do.


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