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Topic: Arturia CS-80 is a Winner!

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    Arturia CS-80 is a Winner!

    I love the Arutria CS-80... if you want analog synths alla Land of the Lost or Close Encounters of the Third Kind this instrument plug is AWESOME!

    I got to play a real one years ago --- Heck I could have purchased it for $300.

    It was huge so I did not... but here it is in it's great glory.

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    Re: Arturia CS-80 is a Winner!

    CS80V is pretty good I agree. I have a real CS80 too and I love poly aftertouch. I wish more modern controllers had poly aftertouch; I love the fact you can voice chords as you play, amongst other things.

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    Re: Arturia CS-80 is a Winner!

    Boy do I love the polyphonic aftertouch.

    It's too bad Ensoniq was the last manufacturer to use it.

    I really find it very expressive.

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    Unhappy Re: Arturia CS-80 is a Winner!

    Yeah. IMO Poly aftertouch takes first prize in the most expressive part of the midi spec which is the most overlooked.

    In Pro Tools 7 you can record poly aftertouch but there is no easy way to edit it.

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    Re: Arturia CS-80 is a Winner!

    I'm a huge supporter of Arturia stuff, especially the MiniMoog V. I don't have the CS-80V yet but it's high on my list.

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