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Topic: New Sibelius gpo demos from Steve Martin

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    Smile New Sibelius gpo demos from Steve Martin

    These are some recent demo's that I've been working on using the Sibelius/GPO programme. I exported the audio files from Sibelius 4 and imported them into HomeStudio 2004, added some Kontakt 2 reverb, and exported them as mp3 files. The links below are to the SibeliusMusic website. For all of the GPO orchestral scores, you can print out all of the orchestral scores for free. If anybody using GPO/Sibelius would like a copy of the actual Sibelius4 files for playback, please email me and I'm more than happy to send them, but please don't use the email associated with my personal forum profile as that email site is down for some reason. This email address will work fine....


    Song without words in B minor for orchestra.

    This is an arrangement of a piano composition "Song without Words in B minor" for Piano.

    The orchestral arrangement..


    The viewable orchestral score...


    The original piano piece mp3 which the arrangement is based on[uses the GPO Steinway],...


    The viewable score of the original piano piece...[I've made a change on the SibeliusMusic site so that this score is for free, but that change will take a little while to come through, so if you want to print it out for free, check back tomorrow and it should be availiable for free by then].


    The next piece is small set of variations for orchestra on a recorder piece of mine, the variations start soft but then build up to a more busy type of variation with the orchestral writing. I use the cor anglais for the opening statement of the theme here

    The mp3 of the "Variations for Orchestra"


    The visual score..


    the mp3 of the original recorder piece [a Flute is used in this score for playback]...


    The last piece, "Allegro for Orchestra", uses the tremolo GPO strings most of the way through the music. This piece, in 7 meter, uses the tremolo strings in the violins 1 and 2, and the violas nearly all the way through.

    The mp3...


    The visual score...


    Hope you enjoyed the music!


    Steve Martin.
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    Re: New Sibelius gpo demos from Steve Martin

    Great Work Steve!

    I especially liked your Allegro.

    A Great string arrangement. There's a terrific urgency to this piece that flows well. ..and nicely Rendered!
    I hear a bit of Mozart in there too...

    I also enjoyed your "Song without Words"... there's a nice chord shift at 1:12.
    The piano rendition is also unique.. but a touch high on the reverb.

    very nice!


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    Re: New Sibelius gpo demos from Steve Martin

    Great job on these, Steve!

    The Variations, especially as they get rolling toward the latter part, are top-flight. I might suggest taking this further -- there's ample grist for development.

    The Allegro is likewise well thought out -- just the right degree of restraint, slowly building. I think there's certainly room for a more cataclysmic ending in this if you're game for it; but then, I do not know the real context of the excerpt...

    Well done!


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    Re: New Sibelius gpo demos from Steve Martin

    Thank you Jeff And David for the comments and also for taking the time to listen.
    I am thinking of extending the Variations for Orchestra by an extra one. I actually did think of this before I finished it, and thought it could go up one more key, and make the orchestration maybe more "dramatic" than the previous one, but then I decided not to. But after your comment, I'll give it a go.

    Thanks again to both of you for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed listening to them.

    best regards,

    Steve Martin.

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    Re: New Sibelius gpo demos from Steve Martin

    Very effective pieces - is that a quote from "Don Giovanni" in the Allegro? I liked the energy of the Allegro; the variations are nicely orchestrated, and very well realized. They both made for a very enjoyable listen. I'll try and catch the piano work later.

    R. Pearl

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