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Topic: Key Switching Via Finale 2002

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    Key Switching Via Finale 2002

    Hi, I have read various posts regarding key switching using Finale, but the process hasn't sunk in with me. I downloaded the key switch expressions from the Garritan website, but I am don't know how to load them. Could someone perhaps shed some light on how to load that file, and also explain how key switching is done in Finale? All the best, F.

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    Re: Key Switching Via Finale 2002


    The library won't work in Finale 2002. It was created in Finale 2005. So you'd need that version to use it. If you want to create your own KS library, read about using the "dump" parameter in the Finale user manual. Basically, you create a note expression and under the playback option you choose "dump". You enter the midi note number of the key to be triggered. Then when you've got one of the KS samples loaded, the expression will trigger the KS and life will be beautiful.

    Personally, I think you'd be better off just upgrading to Finale 2006. It's all done automatically, better GPO integration, better human playback.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Key Switching Via Finale 2002

    Hey thanks for your help, Jeff. Yeah, it looks like I am going to have to get into the dump thing, huh. I don't really want to upgrade my Finale, as I think it's fine for what I need it for - not to mention the pennies! All the best, F.

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