I recently purchased LPC guitars from the group buy, and am trying to figure out the best way to do guitar rhythm tracks that change between major and minor chords. It seems that all chord types use the same note ranges (E2-B3, E4-B5) and thus you are forced to use one type of chord per midi track. To me this is very frustrating, as I dont know what chords my song is going to use until I play them, and having to switch between midi channels to hear a different chord type makes composition impossible, unless I am missing something very simple here.

Is there a way to make your own keyswitches that will switch Kontakt2 to different midi channels? e.g. C0 is midi 1, C#0 switches to midi channel 2, etc. If so, this would solve my whole problem, as I can load up the chords I want and simply assign key switches to switch between the midi channels.

Im using Logic 7.1.1 without any special kontakt environment routing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I thank you in advance for your reply.