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Topic: giga 2.54 crashes xpsp2

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    Unhappy giga 2.54 crashes xpsp2


    i have been using gigastudio (v2.x) for several years and have had intermittant issues throughout that period. while trying to use giga on the same box as sonar the crashes, freezes, etc., became so bad that i ended up putting giga on its' own box- a fairly weak athlon t-bird running windows '98. the system worked quite well, but new-because of computer noise and heat issues- i have decided to colocate gigastudio (v2.54) on a box running sonar 5. it is a (fairly) strong box (2x2000+, 1gb, win xpsp2, etc.) and i have had nothing but troubles with giga.

    even when started alone gigastudio does not function properly. although i dont seem to get the sound database building-crashes at giga startup as i did previously, giga will not allow me to select my audio interface, etc. without hanging. very frustrating. it's so pervasive that even in safe mode i cannot run the diagnostics tool without a crash.

    i would appreciate any help that could be offered. i do have some good libraries and would like to use them, but these crashes, system hangs, etc., are really sapping my deisre to even try to get gigastudio to work. i'd like to use these tools to make music, not spend my free time troubleshooting application failures.

    finally, i would appreciate any thoughts on alternatives- preferrably ones that would allow me to use my samples. i have heard that gigastudio may come out with a vst... any idea when it may come out or how much it might be? i will say that i am hesitant to upgrade to 3.x as it may not provide me any relief.

    thanks in advance,
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