This forum is great... really helpful. I was having trouble with the mod wheel always defaulting to 00 with I file I had imported into logic from Sibelius. I've sorted that one through a very helpful thread. However, I have 2 further questions that I haven't managed to find an answer to.

Question 1
In logic, how do I set not velocity and breath/phrasing as I don’t have a sustain pedal..... I have a Oxygen 8 controller keyboard. I would really like set these thinks in logic, perhaps via hyper draw but when I draw in sustain pedal data nothing happens

Question 2
Despite the Mod Wheel on the Kontakt player being full blast the levels coming into logic seem very very low. How can I fix this

Whilst I’m here..... another question
I am just starting to learn all this stuff at the mo and struggling to understand what CC?? Commands are. I know they control various Midi data. Is there anyway in logic and sibelius to find out what ~~~tion (i.e hyperdraw modulation), control which cc??? Commands (i.e. volume in Garritan)

Any and all help with these things would be much appreciated