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Topic: Sax Library For Gigastudio

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    Sax Library For Gigastudio

    Sounds good...

    Takes Full Advantage of GS3 Technology & Improvements

    Montebello, CA (March 1, 2006): Bigga Giggas has been creating critically acclaimed professional sound libraries for GigaStudio since 1999--now they've really done it, and released Platinum Edition, a saxophone library in full 24-bit audio that takes full advantage of GigaStudio 3's features.

    Available on DVD, and featuring vintage Selmer Mark VI baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxes, Platinum Edition comes with all new GSi presets designed to take advantage of GS3 features such as instrument stacking and iMIDI playback rules for more expressiveness than previously possible from a sax sample library. These are true multi-velocity sample instruments, not just looped phrases. Every note has been sampled. Close-mic mono and room ambience stereo versions for each articulation are all there, with over thirty articulation types for each instrument, and all mapped for maximum player control in native Gigasampler format. Playing style and velocity levels are meticulously matched on all four saxes for consistency and ease-of-use. Plus, extensive new documentation is available in PDF format.

    TASCAM's newest upgrade to GigaStudio 3 adds many features to the world's most powerful sampling software. GS3 version 3.1x features iMIDI templates, making it easier to use iMIDI rules (which add life to instrument sounds), and a host of new iMIDI rules and features. The Stack Instrument Selection feature lets the user quickly assign keyswitches to swap sounds on a MIDI channel during a performance. New GigaPulse features have been added, too, as well as user interface enhancements and other improvements designed to ease your GigaStudio workflow

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    Re: Sax Library For Gigastudio

    Cool. Sax libraries always get trashed here, but I really like the Bigga Gigga sax library. This looks like a pretty comprehensive upgrade. looking forward to it.

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    Re: Sax Library For Gigastudio

    It seems to be cool to have more libraries with Giga 3 features.

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    Re: Sax Library For Gigastudio

    Quote Originally Posted by sporter
    This looks like a pretty comprehensive upgrade. looking forward to it.
    Let's hope that there will be an upgrade (and a fair one) for owners of the initial GS2 lib.
    There is nothing mentioned about this on the site. I do like this lib, but am very-very far away from re-buying it full price (even half-price for that matter) !

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    Cool Re: Sax Library For Gigastudio

    I love my GS3, but I have never heard any sax libs. that I would use for solo work.I have buried some section sounds w/ real players before and pulled it off, but solo work is a different story.

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