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Topic: Sell me KORE/NI KOMPLETE 3

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    Sell me KORE/NI KOMPLETE 3

    Hi... why do I want this?

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    Re: Sell me KORE/NI KOMPLETE 3

    You don't, but I do, so if you'll just watch this swinging pocket watch very carefully, and repeat after me....

    "Buy Kore for Pingu, Buy Kore for Pingu, Buy Kore for Pingu, Buy....

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    Re: Sell me KORE/NI KOMPLETE 3

    Depends on if you a lot of live performance. If you do, Kore would be useful, but if not, then it's just another layer between your computer and your VST's.

    Komplete 3 depends heavily on what you own already. If you have nothing similar to what it offers (and it offers a lot of stuff), then I think it's a great collection of instruments, but if you already have some synths, drum sampler, highend sampler, nice sample libraries of various things, then you'd have to assess just how different are the Komplete 3 offerings compared to what you already have (or just buy the individual instruments that you want instead of the Komplete 3 package).

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