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Topic: MIR Video

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    MIR Video


    Unfortunately VSL's forum is down :-/

    looking at the interface glimses we get, I'm quite intrigued with some of the options there are to color an instrumenst tone.

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    Re: MIR Video

    It all looks good, but doesn't sound great. I'm reserving judgment until we know more.


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    Re: MIR Video

    I thought it sounded pretty good. What I would like for their next video is moving the sound around on the stage, so we really can hear it.

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    Re: MIR Video

    It sounds great but it is not realtime!

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    Re: MIR Video

    I actually dont mind it not being real time, if the audition mode sounds good. So if it for composing works like a regular high end verb, and then exports offline for teh ultimate render - then I'm cool with that.

    My largest concern is price (also factoring in the new computer required to run it). Especialy after having spent my yearly sample budget on Vienna Instruments hehe...

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    Re: MIR Video

    Quote Originally Posted by Daryl
    It all looks good, but doesn't sound great. I'm reserving judgment until we know more.

    I share this view. I've heard better feeling of space in virtual orchestration and I've heard more realistic sounding samples. Certainly it wasn't bad but it doesn't sound like thousands of Euros.

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    Re: MIR Video

    I would say that the audio we hear isn't really MIR, so that's why I'm reserving judgment. However, I think that the new VI strings can sound much better than that compressed file, so it may be an excellent product....!

    Obviously until we know more about the delivery system of all that data I can't say whether or not I'll be spending the money; currently I do everything via a network, so it would require a total rethink of my studio. Also, as I mostly use samples for demo purposes it may be overkill for me. However, if it really does work and I end up doing more sample based projects I could be tempted, but not if it sounds no better than Altiverb (for instance).


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    Re: MIR Video

    I agree... the timing of the video is interesting though (falling together with the soon to be released AV for windows). However in my view, which I have expressed on many occations to the good people of VSL, we need facts fast. As much as I love VSL, I get quite annoyed with waiting for credible, tangible facts (release dates, prices, etc). Unless I get some info of that caliber soon, AltiVerb looks mighty tempting. Although this MIR video has me teased... but... enough foreplay!

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    Re: MIR Video

    It looks like they've done something about the stereo weirdness, which is a very good thing. It also seems to allow you to control how much width the instrument takes up on stage, which is also extremely useful (think of the difference between a whole string section's width and a solo oboeist).

    I'm still not 100% convinced that this is the best way to go though. I saw some extremely impressive stuff at the Game Developers Conference done by Troels Folmann (Tomb Raider Legends soundtrack) where he basically used 4 simultaneous convolutions per instrument - one for the instrument's section, then three separate ones for the hall (predelay, reverb, and tail). He does everything in realtime but with an extensive farm of like 9 computers, mostly b/c of RAM limitations rather than CPU.

    So I'm still on the ball as far as which of these two routes to pursue once I win four consecutive lotteries.
    Wilbert Roget, II

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