Hi fellow Composers,

1. I have been trying to Midi my Gigastudio through Sibelius 4 ( Use Sibelius as a sequencer). My Sibelius is on a Mac G4 1.5 GHZ 1 GIG RAM. Notes stick and it just doesn't work. When I midi Giga with DP 4.6 it works great.
I don't think Sibelius is very good at this sort of thing. If anyone has the same setup and can advise me on what I am doing wrong in my Sibelius-Giga setup, please advise.

2. As well, I tried Opening Sibelius and Giga on one computer (PC...2.8GHZ P4 2 GIGRAM). It works for a while but no luck....any body have any succes stories with this type of set-up.