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Topic: The enigma of Giga's bank/patch assignment behavior

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    The enigma of Giga's bank/patch assignment behavior

    A few questions for anyone in the know:

    1) How does Giga decide to assign a patch and bank number to a newly loaded sound?

    2) If the answer to the above is "it just picks the next available patch slot, and if all 128 have been filled, jumps to the next bank"... then why do instruments sometimes end up getting assigned to the same bank/patch assignment? (In fact, the Bank/Patch manager has an option to resolve such conflicts. Why do they ever arise?)

    3) If several instruments are already in memory and a GSI file is loaded, what happens to the bank/patch assignments of the new instruments? Are they kept intact, even if they conflict or overlap with existing assignments?

    4) Is the Bank/Patch manager documented anywhere? I have only found a brief metion of it in the manual.

    Thanks in advance for any insight!


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    Re: The enigma of Giga's bank/patch assignment behavior

    You can design patch/bank specs into a library. Some people do, some don't. When you have a conflict, it is generally because two different designers have spec'ed the same assignment.

    I'm not sure what the best practice is, but if I can find out, I'll let you know. I can see arguments for both sides, since a person in a production situation might want to go into the editor and specify assignments to particular libraries, so that there would never be a chance for templates to break on any level.

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    Re: The enigma of Giga's bank/patch assignment behavior

    Thanks very much for the response, Bruce. I guess a more general form of my question is "Can anyone explain the Bank/Patch manager's behavior in any way?"

    One thing I've learned through trial and error: the manager has no concept whatever of "next available bank/patch". That is, the conflict resolution rules won't actually bump a patch to the next unassigned bank/patch slot. Instead, it'll bump it to the "next" slot, where "next" is defined as "the slot after the last one that was specified". So if the the manager is used to move a patch to (say) Bank 3, Patch 33, then the "next" slot will be Bank 3, Patch 34, regardless of whether any patch already lives there. The next bump will go to Bank 3, Patch 35, and so on.

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