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Topic: Days from pulling trigger!

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    Days from pulling trigger!

    I need to purchase a computer to put my RME2496 and GS3 In/On and I am having a rough time deciding the AMD or Intel route. Also whether I should go Single or Dual core....I hate to have such an open ended question but I am ready to plunk down 2 Grand-ish.....I know this is really touchy but once comitted (spe?) than it's all over. Which should I marry???

    Hey if you were to upgrade to one of the "Systems That Work"...which one would it be? That might get me in the right direction....

    Again...will be purchasing soon so....thank you! And I'll let you know which ensemble I go with!

    OK...going back to read more hardware threads!


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    Re: Days from pulling trigger!

    I've been there and it can drive anyone nut.

    FWIW i heard that the tascam people are running GIGA on AMD dual core system with great success. I also heard AMD is cooler than Intel, no sure if that's true but the guy seemed to know his stuff.

    Here is a link that could help:http://www.adkproaudio.com/choose.cfm
    They build audio/giga system and you can see the parts they put in...

    Good luck!

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