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Topic: GPO re-installation and update problems

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    GPO re-installation and update problems


    I have had to reinstall GPO recently. So I did. Popped in the DVD's, everything installed fine.

    Got the update or whatever. The first GPO update. Everything seemed fine, as well. The new instruments were all there, etc.

    Got the or whatever update. CHAOS!!!!!!!

    In the instruments folder, it now has "Dry" and "Wet" but also all the other instrument folders are there, too (woodwinds, brass, etc - in score order exactly as in the Kontakt Player). Those instrument folders contain only dry instruments.

    I deleted and reinstalled doing the exact same procedure. Chaos again. Then I reinstalled and downloaded ONLY the update, just to see if maybe installing one update over the other caused the problem - but, again, chaos.

    I can't tell which instruments are old and which ones are new so, in a panic, I deleted most everything - all the instruments, all the VST's, the DXI's, the RTAS, etc. I left only the three sample (.nks) files totalling about 2 gigs.

    Now I'm not sure what to do. If I try and download the updates again, will I get all the necessary instrument files? Or do I have to start from scratch?

    And what the heck is happening that is causing the update to not place the instrument files inside the appropriate 'wet' and 'dry' folders, but outside both of them entirely?

    I distinctly remember, the first time I installed GPO, and over the course of the preceding months, downloading both updates in succession and never having this weird mixing-and-matching of old/new files.

    I can't exactly give the specs of my machine because I'm using a particular computer in my university's labs (registering all my NI plugs with that PC until my laptop upgrades are complete!). But I think it uses Xeon processors and has 2 gigs of RAM. I doubt it's a computer thing, though, but... I dunno.

    Please help me... anybody... I have film projects that need GPO to be installed and updated correctly. :-(

    Weeping without my beloved orchestra,

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    Re: GPO re-installation and update problems

    First of all: Calm down my friend!

    I had similar problems when reinstalling GPO recently. Fortunately I found the explanation for everything in the included documentation, this forum and the elaborate update description which is pinned somewhere here.

    So let me explain: In the newest update they decided to leave the concept of "wet" and "dry" instruments as this proved to lead to massive confusion in their customers (and probably many hours of unnecessary support work). From now on GPO uses ONLY the instruments in the folders named "1.", "2.", etc.. The rest was left there for compatibility purposes, so that people could still play back scores made with older versions of GPO.

    To sum up: Best thing would be to move the "Dry" and "Wet Audition" folder to somewhere, where it doesn't confuse you anymore. I made a "Instrument Backup" folder somewhere inside my "GPO" folder. And from now on I suggest using only the new instrument files.

    I hope this helped. Happy music creating!
    Greetings from Vienna!
    My website: Above the staff.net

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    Re: GPO re-installation and update problems


    If you were surprised by the folder structure changes it sounds like you may not have performed the July update previously. Read the documentation for that update; it should help answer your questions about the folders. See this thread: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=36712


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