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Topic: My second GPO!

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    My second GPO!

    This is a short and simple piece utilizing the GPO piano / strings, plus some external devices.

    It's a slow arrangement which began as an exercise in harmonies.... and expanded on (somewhat).

    All comments welcomed!

    Piano Orchestration No5


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    Re: My second GPO!

    What a nice piece to wake up to on a day with the sun actually shining on the horizon. It's a beautiful and rich haunting melody that is well worth the development time. Thanks for sharing this today!
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
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    Re: My second GPO!

    Nice one, Jeffrey. Very pretty. I like it.

    (Check your website. Some of the copy is overlapping and it's difficult to read.)

    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: My second GPO!

    Thanks! for the favorable comments Rich & Larry.

    Bad text on my website? Not surprisingly... I'm very much new in web design.
    I'll check it out

    thanks again gents!


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    Senior Member valhalx's Avatar
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    Re: My second GPO!

    Nicely done, Jeff. A soothing piece well written and rendered.
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    Re: My second GPO!

    Jeff, that was "Sweet"! All I have to say is if I were a film producer this forum would be the place.

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    Re: My second GPO!

    Thanks Bill and Styxx!

    I appreciate the positive feedback... especially from yourselves, and the many other skilled veterans in this forum.


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    Re: My second GPO!

    Nice! A piece well written Good job.
    Ke Yang (OMG I'm using mah name)
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    My Work List With GPO

    Note: You might have noticed there's nothing there, yet. Massive editing going on.

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    Re: My second GPO!

    Thank you for the comments, Tovan.

    ...They're very much appreciated!


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    Re: My second GPO!

    A very lovely piece, Jeff... very well done, and the rendering and expressive nuancing of it are excellent.

    May I encourage you, please, to expand this a little, bring it along a bit further.

    This is superb material, and it truly deserves further exploration.

    Later edit:

    I've had this looping for close to an hour... lol. Gosh, you've got me hooked on this one Jeff -- really beautiful work.

    With my best,


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