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Topic: PNW Film Scoring Program with Hummie Mann

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    PNW Film Scoring Program with Hummie Mann

    The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program is pleased to announce two 2 Week Summer Intensive Programs in Film Scoring for 2006.

    Hummie Mann, a 2 time Emmy Award winning composer (whose credits include "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" and IMAX's "Cyberworld 3D") recently did an interview for this forum which you can view here.

    The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program, created and taught by Hummie, has been offering high level professional instruction and practical experience in the art and craft of film scoring for the past 7 years in Seattle, Washington. Many graduates of the program are currently working as composers for film, television and other media.

    Due to demand, a 2 Week Summer Intensive program was developed that includes core classes FS1 and FS2 along with 2 electives that participants can choose. The program is offered twice each Summer - once in Seattle, Washington (July 10 - 21, 2006) and once in Edinburgh, Scotland (August 21 to September 1, 2006). These popular programs have been offered for the past 4 years and both draw students from around the globe.

    Detailed information and online registration is now available on the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program's website at: http://www.pnwfilmmusic.com

    Additional information about creator Hummie Mann is available at

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    Re: PNW Film Scoring Program with Hummie Mann

    I really have to stop reading this stuff .... It's killing me!

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