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Topic: [RMX] Perc hits in "kit mode" ?

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    [RMX] Perc hits in "kit mode" ?

    First let me say that I may be missing something very basic and that I could also try the video toots but I need a quick answer on this one:

    I am using RMX in kit mode and I cannot find any of the percussion hits that were included in the old Stylus such as belltrees, bongos etc ... It seems the kit mode will only load sounds in "GM" style.
    What am I doing wrong?


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    Re: [RMX] Perc hits in "kit mode" ?

    Those are called "sound menus" in Stylus RMX. In multi mode, go to the Sound Menus directory in the Core Library and you'll find a ton of sounds to play with.

    In addition, any groove can be played in silce menu mode where you trigger any slice of the groove from midi.

    - Glenn

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    Re: [RMX] Perc hits in "kit mode" ?

    OK so I need to be in multi mode. Gotcha. It means I need to open another instance of RMX which is well ... not a big deal really

    "Being able to load individual sounds from the Sound Menus in kit mode" & "Being able to reassign the kit elements to different keyboard keys" are my new feature requests.

    As of now we are limited to the basic GM sounds/key arrangment: kick, claps, rims, snares, hats, toms, cymbals.

    Thanks Glenn for your help.


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