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Topic: midi automation

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    midi automation

    Hi, I have Atmosphere 1.0 as a plug in on V Stack on a PC and I am running logic pro 6 on a Mac and linking it with Atmosphere via midi over LAN. Is it possible to record midi data (moving sliders and knobs on the atmosphere plug in) directly onto logic on the mac. I set up midi outs on the midioverlan on the pc but that doesnt seem to work.

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    Re: midi automation


    Atmosphere itself does not send out messages to your host sequencer.

    You can send messages from Logic to Atmosphere and control sliders and knobs...yes...that is possible.

    And...by the way...version 1.2 of Atmosphere has LFO's that sync to your host's tempo!

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    Re: midi automation

    Use MIDI controllers to do this instead of the onscreen faders.

    The MIDI Map is located here:


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