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Topic: Guitar/Banjo/Dobro?

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    Anyone have suggestions for the best acoustic guitar (steel and nylon), banjo, or dobro libraries? I'm working on a project where I'll be using live players for the final, but need good libraries for the mockups.



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    Re: Guitar/Banjo/Dobro?

    You may want to consider the "Vintage Jazz Guitars and Tenor Banjos" from Bardstown Audio. There are acoustic archtop guitars in this collection. Traditionally in older country and bluegrass, archtop guitars were much more commonly used than flattop guitars.

    We are currently running a 25 % off sale on all of our sampled instrument products. There are quite a few demos on our web site.

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Guitar/Banjo/Dobro?

    The Nylon bundled with Kontakt is not bad. If you're mocking up, it's more than good enough.

    Dobro's going to be the tough one on the list. What sampling platforms are you on?

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    Re: Guitar/Banjo/Dobro?

    Ra has a kickass dobro, as well as Banjo and a badass washburn guitar

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    Re: Guitar/Banjo/Dobro?

    Front Porch do a nice banjo.


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    Re: Guitar/Banjo/Dobro?

    RA has a decent banjo and dobro. The articulations are too limited to pull off anything really fancy, especially for the dobro, but if you write with the limitations of the lib in mind you can get some very convincing results. Just don't expect to sound like Jerry Douglas or something.

    Here is a rock track that showcases the RA banjo and dobro to some extent (the dobro is just in the intro section).

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    Re: Guitar/Banjo/Dobro?

    And who is Ra? Guess I should know, but it escapes me. I'm interested in dobro.

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    Re: Guitar/Banjo/Dobro?

    Quote Originally Posted by carlmsmith
    And who is Ra? Guess I should know, but it escapes me. I'm interested in dobro.
    It's Quantum Leap. I'd link to it but apparently the very mention of the site in question is taboo around here.

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    Re: Guitar/Banjo/Dobro?

    Ah yes, the ethnic intrument package for sale by Soundsonline ,among others I suppose. Thanks.

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    Re: Guitar/Banjo/Dobro?

    Kip - Thanks. I'll check out the demos.

    Bruce - you're right. Dobro will be the tricky one. I suppose I'd settle for sampled phrases for the demo. I'm using Kontakt & Giga 2.5 (I know, I know...)

    Ian - thanks for the demo. Sounds fine, especially for a demo. I'm guessing that's probably as good as a sampled dobro gets... and thanks for telling me Ra is Quantum Leap. I didn't know either.

    Thanks, guys!

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