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Topic: Kyrie Eleison

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    Kyrie Eleison

    I've got few passages (the end exactly) of my Kyrie Eleison played by SC and
    what I said when I listened the music just after mixed the parts was: "WOW"

    Forget the Orchestra that is Finale 2005 soundsfonts!
    Just to share with you a new fragment of one of my compositions that I really like!

    Kyrie Eleison

    All my best,

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    Re: Kyrie Eleison

    Is it a part of a requiem in progress ?

    The orchestra doesn't sound that bad : the strings are warmer than some VSL's.

    The choirs sound very realistic, a little less reverb would be perfect for my taste, Good job !

    I like the dissonances but some of them sound out of place ( 0'55" for example) considering the 18th century style you write in.

    So if it's you on the picture...where is your wig ?

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    Re: Kyrie Eleison



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    Re: Kyrie Eleison

    Wow, ok, that tipped me over the edge. Gonna buy SC now. Good job, definitely!

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    Re: Kyrie Eleison

    Amazing use of SC, Roberto, but I expect no less from you.

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    Re: Kyrie Eleison

    Thank you all folks!!

    Actually, this is the initial choir of my Mass in B minor!
    And my wip..... mmmmh... I think I need on of them!!

    Sicmu thanks I will check the dissonances...


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    Re: Kyrie Eleison

    *blink blink* How long does it take to put the choir together so it sound like that?

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    Thumbs up Re: Kyrie Eleison

    What is it you expect me to say with my jaw dropped to the floor? I'm having our vocal teacher at the school listen to this after I gather my myself together.

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    Re: Kyrie Eleison

    What can I say? This is marvellous...

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    Re: Kyrie Eleison

    Quite amazing... I would never have thought that choir was sampled if I were casualy listening to it. Quite a compliment to your writing and EWQLSC... bravo.

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