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Topic: Atmosphere/RMX on an IBM Thinkpad T40?

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    Atmosphere/RMX on an IBM Thinkpad T40?

    Hi everybody,
    I'm going to get Spectrasonics Atmosphere and Stylus RMX soon. I also will buy a used Notebook IBM Thinkpad T40 or T42 in a good condition.

    Now the question is: would this notebook be o.k. for Atmo and RMX to run on? The Thinkpad will have 1,5 Ghz Centrino, 80 or 100 Gb HDD (5400 rpm) and 1024 Mb Ram. According to the system recommendations on the Spectrasonics site this should be enough, but I'm not shure about it, since the recommends are relating to PC-systems.

    The main purpose will be controlling/playing VST-PlugIns/Virtual Instruments in Cubase SX via MIDI-Keyboard (and external USB-MIDI/Audio-Interface) rather than recording a lot of audio tracks. I've got an external recorder, which works just fine for me.

    I'm shure that a PC-System would have some advantages, but since I'm going to get a notebook anyway, I want to give it a try. Also I expect to get less (fan-) noise with the Thinkpad.

    What do you think about it? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Atmosphere/RMX on an IBM Thinkpad T40?

    Should work fine. Faster/More RAM is better of course...especially with RMX.

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    Re: Atmosphere/RMX on an IBM Thinkpad T40?

    Thanks Spectrum. Fortunately the Thinkpad is ready for 2 Gb Ram. So that will be the way, if not a Macbook, which is now ready for Win XP (they came up with it today).
    Could you please say something about the compatibility of Spectrasonics Instruments with Win XP running on a Mac System? Are there any 'traps' or would that work flawless? I'm shure a lot of Atmo/RMX users will appreciate some info about it...
    By the way: today I've been to the store again to play around a bit with Atmosphere and RMX using headphones. The sound nearly blew my ears away and, more important for me, once more everything around me became part of a very emotional movie called 'The Atmosphere of Reality'...:-) Well, the staff starts to look a bit strained, since I've been there several times...

    Great sound! Good work! Thank you.

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