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Topic: New from SSL

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    New from SSL

    "SSL has announced Duende, a powerful DSP platform enabling high quality SSL audio processing tools to be integrated into the digital audio workstation environment. Comprising a 19" rack-mountable hardware unit and software plug-ins, the Duende hardware incorporates the latest generation Sharc DSPs and a 400 Mbit FireWire interface. Integrating with a range of DAWs via VST, AU and RTAS, the hardware allows up to 32 channels of 96kHz audio processing per unit (Two units can be daisy-chained for up to 64 channels of processing).

    Duende's Xlogic channel strip plug-in offers up to 32 discrete channels of SSL EQ and dynamics including: 4-band EQ, switchable characteristics between E and G series EQ, variable hi- and low pass filters, an "over easy" soft ratio compression characteristic, independent side-chains for compressor and expander/gate, plus a link bus option to connect individual channel strips. The Stereo Bus Compressor plug-in provides an accurate emulation of the classic SSL console Master Bus Compressor, whose punch and drive has formed a key element of many legendary recordings.

    Included with Duende is MixBuss.com – an online facility containing video tutorials, preset packs, audio samples and production tips from award-winning producers and engineers.

    The Macintosh version of Duende is estimated to ship during April, with a PC version expected during Q3 2006. Recommended retail pricing in Germany will be €1599."

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    Re: New from SSL

    has anyone seen or tried those new ssl emulation plug ins waves has out I think there are a couple of compressors and a eq bundled together

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