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Topic: Cat Fight

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    Cat Fight TCM Contest

    Hi there,
    Here is my entry for the Turner Clasic Movies film scoring contest. this is just the music, but the vidio should be available on my website in a few days if you're interested. this is for the "Cat Fight" scene. For those of you who have downloaded the video and want to try and sync it up, feel free.
    anyway...."Feline Frenzy":


    EDIT: All GPO By the way!

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    Re: Cat Fight

    This is... excellent!


    Go for it... if this doesn't gain appropriate recognition, the TCM people need to have their ears reamed... lol.

    All my best,


    And probably some other body parts...

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    Re: Cat Fight

    I agree!

    Great work!

    My only comment would be that it's much too short!
    nice job!


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    Re: Cat Fight

    thanks a lot!

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    Re: Cat Fight

    Cool film-score!! I can almost "see" the action in the piece!

    Would like to hear your piece while viewing the film. Will there be any way of sharing this??

    Well written composition. Really great job with the sequencing!!



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    Re: Cat Fight

    hey ted, thanks,
    infact, the video is now available on my website:

    click on "videos" on the left side of the page

    the quality is not great, but you get the idea. (i hope)

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    Re: Cat Fight

    I will do have a view when I am home! (I'm at work, now, and the computers have restrictions against viewing most video files. I am lucky to be hearing mp3 files at work! )

    Again, nice work!


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