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Topic: Is this Standard?

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    Is this Standard?

    I am working with GPO as a VST in Samplitude. All well and good.Every time I load a VIP (a Samplitude session or composition), I have to bring up each GPO player in order to bring up the volume...via the mod wheel...
    Is this GPO behavior to load in at zero volume...can I save the levels that I use in the Player(s)? Thanks, Din Allen

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    Re: Is this Standard?

    I'm new and need to know this too! I'm using FL Studio and Ableton Live.


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    Re: Is this Standard?

    This is normal behavior if you do not have proper mod wheel data in your tracks. As an initial start, place (or record) a piece of mod wheel data of a moderate value at the beginning of each track. Make sure your sequencer is set to "chase" controllers.

    But that is just a "place holder," so to speak. When done properly, your tracks will be almost wall-to-wall mod wheel data for each track because mod wheel is not a set-and-forget level control - it is a dynamic, expressive volume/timbre control that will follow the ebb and flow of the musical phrases. When the proper data is in your tracks your instruments will never drop to zero except when you want them to. Learning the correct use of mod wheel data is the first, most important job for both GPO and JABB.


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    Re: Is this Standard?

    Thanks, that makes total sense...I must practice with the mod wheel...my keyboard isn't even hooked up right now, I've been doing everything in the midi editor of my host program. Not being as much a keyboard as a guitar player, I'm wishlisting the midi nylon string guitar and AXON converter, and I suppose an expression pedal could be rigged to do mod wheel duties.
    Back to work, Thanks. gunga

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